The mission of the Liberty Club is to build a Republican networking group of like-minded individuals from across the business community in New York City. Members also benefit by engaging with speakers who are cultural, political and business leaders for a unique experience.

Why Join

New York City has for years funded the campaigns of local, state and national Republican campaigns.

We are the focal point for any capital raise in Republican politics. It is safe to say that New York City donors are highly sought after by all candidates and elected officials.

The Liberty Club aims to give back to our donor base. It does so by creating a culture of networking amongst its membership. Upon joining the Liberty Club, you will be invited to at least six events a year where you will hear from a diverse landscape of high level cultural, political and business thought leaders.

Membership is encouraged to forge potential long-lasting business relationships. In order to foster this, we will provide unique and secure networking opportunities amongst Liberty Club members.

In a city where Republicans are outnumbered, the Liberty Club offers members the opportunity to work together to promote personal, business and political success.

Coalition Building

We will expand our network into communities where the Republican Party has lacked engagement and expand our physical presence. We will reach out to various religious organizations in New York City including the Jewish community which has experienced the blatant rise of anti-Semitism from the Left. Finally, we will encourage more women to get involved with the Party as volunteers, operatives and candidates.

Voter Registration

We will work to increase voter registration across New York City through targeted drives and making use of social media to identify potential voters from the “national movers list” who have moved into Manhattan and other non-registered voters.


We will use social media to deliver our message directly to voters. We will expose the negative effect of the terrible policies, mismanagement and corruption that has resulted from single Party control of New York.

Candidate/Party Recruitment

Club Membership will assist the Party in candidate recruitment with a focus on selecting the strongest 2021 New York City Mayoral candidate.

Why Join

Membership Benefits

+ Minimum of six events per year featuring speakers from:

+ Business & industry leaders

+ Cultural and community leaders

+ Political leaders, both elected & non-elected

+ Extraordinary peer to peer access

+ Confidential & trusting relationships

+ Liberty Club Pin

+ Assisting in the search for quality candidates

Membership Fee

The club’s annual membership dues are $1,000 per calendar year.

For more information please contact rsvp@libertyclub.org